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6:21 PM

Collection of my favorite sites

So, I finally broke down and gave in to the concept of a hierarchical blogroll. "The Morning Dose" is a collection of sites with which I quite literally kick off my day. Here's some info on them:

All About George - A former colleague from the old Industry Standard of lore, George's blog is legendary in its own time. Music, politics and Blackness - can it get any more right-on?

Antiwar.com - This site has made me take a second look at (T)he (L)ibertarians, and has helped me take them more seriously than I had previously. I still don't like what I see regarding their race politics, but this site has been invaluable as a newsgathering tool.

Ars Technica - An attractive hardware and software geek site.

Blah 3 - Political commentary and critical DIY media. Check out the new downloads.

Buzzflash - Left-leaning newsgathering site.

Dialog Now - The best place to discuss and learn about issues in the India-Pakistan conflict. I post there as "CJ", the handle being a remnant of my "carmenjonze" days.

Google News - Semantic newsgathering.

MISNA - Missionary Service News Agency (Catholic). Please do not assume from the label that this is a right-wing endeavor. It is quite progressive, categorizing news headlines into: Politics/Economy, Church/Religious Affairs, General, Culture, Sport, and finally, Peace/Justice.

Panchayat - This council of two rocks my critical-theoretical world. Conrad is at Oxford, Vikash is at UPenn, and their collaboration at Panchayat will no doubt become a multiwork volume.

Peacedividend - Witty, thoughtful brevities from across the bay.

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life - Because...you can take the girl out of Divinity School, but you cannot take Divinity School out of the girl.

Rittenhouse Review - Everybody who is somebody is glad James Cappozola is back.

Romanesko - Upscale tabloid for journalists (and the IT people who champion them, apparently).

Sisyphus Shrugged - Among the top lefty-blogs, and ones by us gals, at that.

Slacktivist - Eric Blair-cum-Fred Clark is the Karl Barth of the blogging left.

Times of India - What it says it is, with the occasional totally-out-there headline story.

Uppity Negro - Even on his worst days, Aaron is among the very best. In fact, I don't think he's had any bad days. I wish I could be like that.

Version Tracker - A Mac Manager's best friend.

--Because Lila said so